Why advertise on Keto List?

Ads on Keto List Singapore help you grow your audience by reaching thousands of keto folks in Singapore.
Grow your product sales, signups, promo deals, or foot traffic to your keto store.

Keto only audience

Most if not all of the audience on Keto List are on keto or low carb diet, located in Singapore. Hyper-focused audience targeting gets you more of the right eyeballs you want to funnel to your site.

Collaborative ads

I'm trying to run a more relational type of ad experience here, so I can work with you to improve your ad copy, images, and timing of launch. No cold, faceless ad buying from a website.

Growing market

The keto/low carb diet scene is an emerging but rapidly growing market. This aligns to the growth in web traffic on Keto List. Your ads will be seen by more and more people every month.


Don't take my word for it - here's what customers had to say:


"The top 5 referral sites within our paid ad channels!" - Michelle, Wowlah.com


"Keto List provides the best value for ads targeted to the keto community." - Shaun, CarbsForKeto.com


You can mix and match the 4 ad packages available. Prices in Singapore Dollars (SGD).


$15 / $30

A STANDARD feature ad with the ⭐️FEATURED tag (at $15, 1 month) gets your listing bumped up to the top 12 in the list. To go even higher up to the top 4, buy a BOOSTED feature ad at $30 for 1 month. First-come-first-served.



Visually prominent BANNER ad on the home page before the start of the listings. Visitors see your banner even before they get to the listings. Great for marketing campaigns or product launches. $60 for 1 month.



1 post each on all of Keto List's social media channels - Facebook page, Twitter account, Telegram group, Telegram channel. $120 for all posts.



Buy all of the packages in one bundle at $200 for 1 month. Includes 1 BOOSTED feature, 1 BANNER ad, 1 OMNI package.

Buy ads now

Please drop me a message via the form, and I'll be in touch via email. I can answer questions and share more about Keto List's web traffic/analytics in confidence over email. If you have other ideas for ads besides the ones offered, I'm open to exploring.