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I'm on the keto diet myself, so I try to curate the list from a keto lens, or from having used it myself.

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The establishments and events are mostly local to Singapore only, except for a few online retailers.

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โš ๏ธYou probably know this already, but just a note: Everyone is different and have specific health/diet requirements even though we are broadly on the same keto, LCHF diet approach. So please do check if the entities/products listed here fulfils your personal needs on macros, ingredients, quality, quantity, and hygiene.

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Thanks for this resource, it's a great initiative! - alixana


Your site is good. Simple and clean. - Ronni


It's essential and obvious that Singapore should have a comprehensive, one-stop
keto resource in public domain. - Mark Myerson, founder of BenBanter


The top 5 referral sites within our paid ad channels! - Michelle,

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Hi, Jason here. I live in Singapore and started on the ketogenic diet not too long ago. This site was born out of the initial frustration of not being able to easily find all the local links to LCHF, keto-friendly food, eateries and products. So I made this site to address that. Hope this will come in useful not just for keto beginners, but also the seasoned folks! Read more about why and how I made this site in the Blog below. ๐Ÿ‘‡


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